Powerpoint Problems

In a world that seems to be taken over by the powerpoint presentation a lot of use are caught in the trap of making bad powerpoint presentations. Take heart for you are not alone. This has become an increasing issue among all presenters. There are ways to fix this issue by changing a few elements of the slides. One thing that I was already aware of was that less can be more when it comes to the construction of slides. By taking the number of extra things on a slide you increase focus on what you really want. Something that I learned is that 3-D is not a great idea for the presentation as it may distort your data. Also adding pictures seems like a great idea but at times its just adding more unneeded stuff for a viewer to take in. Its the simple things that can make a major difference in the presentation stick to the bare bones.

As far as the classroom goes this can help students give better presentations. By teaching students simple foundations of powerpoint presenting the students will have learned a skill that can be utilized throughout their entire life. The way that I would Incorporate this into the science classroom would be to have students get in groups and develop a presentation. Then after presenting the class could then discuss what they found worked best to convey their message. By doing this the students will make the connection on their own. In my personal career this can help in how I convey new material to my students through powerpoint. In a world where technology and presentation materials are constantly misused I will be better prepared and ready for the task of making my presentations count.


One thought on “Powerpoint Problems

  1. Your Pecha Kucha will give you opportunities to practice this. Were there any links from class that would be worth including to give you additional tips for presenting you might include here?


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