The Truth Of The Matter

In this age where finding the truth isn’t always an easy matter there are constant debates about how to find out what is actually true on the web. The first step in finding the truth is becoming information literate. This means that as a consumer of information you are responsible for finding out whether or not the information you use is truthful. I know its a major shocker but not everything you read is true. Being information literate means that you can sift through everything and find the truth. There is hope though. As teachers we have the power to better equip our students and train them to be information literate. By teaching students to cross reference their sources as well as other techniques they will be better prepared when they need to research. One might argue that with the constant change it is impossible to prepare students. My response to that is thank you for the that ray of hope. It may be true that everything is constantly changing, but as long as we keep adapting we will overcome any adversity that faces us.


One thought on “The Truth Of The Matter

  1. I like your comments here, but would encourage you to include additional hyperlinks in your postings to resources, evidence, or anything else you think would go well in your teacher toolbox.


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