Copyright: They’re Always Watching

Ever since childhood I can remember hearing about copyright and copyright infringement. Only recently have I found out the true meaning of copyright. Copyright is used to protect the thoughts and ideas of an individual from reproduction without their consent. There is also fair use rules which are as follows 1) The Purpose of the use (What it will be used for) 2)The kind of work being copied 3) How much is being used 4)The economic effect of its use.

When talking about copyright the media involved matters because the rules for each form of media change. Its similar to how the rules change in different sports. If you try and play soccer with the rules of football it won’t work out well. So when trying to use media check the rules that accompany the media you are trying to use. If you follow the rules then there will never be an issue. However if you try and break them just remember there are always people waiting and watching.


One thought on “Copyright: They’re Always Watching

  1. Again, I like how you are grappling with the content- I see evidence of your good thoughts in this posting…however, I might change the title to Copyright: I am always watching. As the teacher, it’s up to you to pass on good online etiquette. I doubt anyone will be watching you!


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