Sexting & Relationships

In the video Overexposed: Sexting and relationships Ms. Fenland is trying to teach her students about sexting. She approaches this by asking the students to be as mature as they possibly can. They are all equipped with iPads and use them in order to write down their responses and share them in class without having to voice it. This also allows each student the opportunity to thin critically about the situation. The students like the iPads for this same reason where they do not need to voice their opinion outlaid. The use of the iPad in this situation is good because it gives each student an opportunity to have their opinion heard. It also makes it easier for all the students to participate where a Q&A session would have only allowed some to participate. All in all the incorporation of the iPad into this lesson plan has made it a more effective lesson for the students.


One thought on “Sexting & Relationships

  1. As you are planning on working with older students, these related social issues will occasionally move to the forefront and supplant the regular curriculum. Use of technology tools allows for a wider range of participation and engagement, especially with a sensitive topic like this.


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