Jeopardy Labs:Web 2.0 Part III

The third app that I am reviewing is JeopardyLabs. This is a app that allows a teacher to create their own jeopardy games for their students. I personally have taken part in these and they are a very fun way to review and cover a lot of material.

This app meets the standard for “collaborative work” the reason for this is that students will usually work in groups as they try to answer these questions. By working in teams it can give students who normally don’t care a chance to try because they now have a group to think about.

Before using this  site a teacher must have the questions that they want to ask planned. One of the strengths of this app is that it can provide a review for students without making them just sit there and listen. It is interactive. As well it can also give a teacher back immediate results of what the students know. A weakness is that it is time consuming. Another weakness is that the students who usually have the answers are the ones who answer and the others just sit back.

There  are no real limitations with this app because it can be formatted for any group. the reading level would be tailored to each group that it is used to teach. I would recommend this for middle school and higher. Elementary would not get the same level of benefit because they may not understand the game as older students would.


2 thoughts on “Jeopardy Labs:Web 2.0 Part III

  1. This seems like a great app to use in class. I rememeber using things similar to this in high school, but it was always a little clunky. This seems to be a lot smoother and easier to use. Thanks for sharing!


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