Open Science Framework: Web 2.0 Part I

The first web 2.0 site that I will be discussing is Open Science Framework or OSF. OSF is a site that allows an individual or group to work in collaboration. It allows this group to begin a project that can be accessed and organized in the app. It also takes each section of the project and puts them into separate folders. So once a part of a project is complete it can be stored for safe keeping out of sight and ready for when it is needed.

This site meets the standards for collaboration as well as demonstrating a fluency in technology. The collaboration is due to the ability of the students to work as a group and come together to create a project. By accessing the site and navigating through the files and folders that it stores the students will become more technologically fluent.

As far as the knowledge necessary to begin using this site there is no need to know more than the basics of web navigation. The reason for this is that the site has a built in tutorial video to help get you started. Kinda nice for people who like me don’t really understand a lot about technology! By doing this it makes the site simple to work with and if you have questions that arise it is still possible to review the tutorial. This is also one of its strengths. due to the simplistic nature it allows students to learn how to use it at a high pace. It may seem similar to Google drive, but unlike drive it allows the worker to save different sections separately once they are done. So instead of trying to edit a entire document or project at once it can be chunked into smaller pieces.

The only limitation that I can think of off the top of my head is that it has many different files and folders and folders in folders. This could cause some to lose track of a file if it is misplaced. As far as age groups I would recommend this to be used at the high school level because of the general straight forward design of the site.


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