Survey Monkey: Web 2.0 Part II

The second web 2.0 site that I found interesting is Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey allows the user to create surveys and get responses to your questions. In the business world this is used to get feedback on products and services. With the classroom it can be used in a variety of ways. This could range from a way to quiz students on basic content or get feedback that will help the teacher to improve their teaching.

This application would meet the standards of “customizing and personalizing” and “promoting student reflection”. The first is met because this option of quizzing might better help some students to remember information better for a real test. The second is met because this application can be used as an end of unit reflection survey. By looking back at the things that intrigued the students and getting their responses a teacher might be able to better prepare their lessons.

The prerequisites for this app would be that the user needs to be able to think of questions and decide upon the format that they would like to use. The app is free however there is a second option for a pro membership. Some of the strengths of this application are that it is free and that it can be used to gather statistics that might help a teacher. Some of the weaknesses are that all the students would need to have a device that can access the quiz. This is a simple fix by taking them to a lab but that can sometimes be problematic.

It has no limitations as far as reading level. This is because the questions are written by you. However, I would not recommend this for students that are in elementary school simply because it might be harder for them to access comparatively to older students. By this I mean that It might take more time.


One thought on “Survey Monkey: Web 2.0 Part II

  1. Survey Monkey is used widely in K-12 for diagnostic purposes- to find out what students know about a topic BEFORE instruction has begun. This allows effective teachers to fine-tune their lessons to challenge students, rather than bore them with content they already know.


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