My Education Technology Philosophy

In todays ever advancing world of technology it is important to realize that everything will continually change. This is the nature of advancement. As a future educator it is my job to adapt to these advancements and determine how they can be effectively used in the classroom. It is also my job to know what should be used and what is not necessary. All technology has a purpose however if it does not improve upon the antiquated methods of yesteryear I find it illogical to bring in the new simply because it is new. For myself I plan to incorporate the new technology that does work in order to better teach my students. It will take time to learn these new tools that will continually change the ways in which I teach. However, it is a necessary evil in order to provide the best possible education for my future students.

For some these new advancements bring a sense of fear. However, these new technologies are not to be feared but welcomed. For it is through technology that my students will find the benefit of self-education. In a largely digital world my students will learn so much long before they even step into my classroom. I must understand this learning style and work with it to teach my students in the best possible manner. Though not everything that they bring into class will be correct it is a foundation upon which to build. By teaching students with these new technologies it will give them limitless opportunity to learn.

The goal of education is to teach. Through new and innovative technology this will happen. As a future educator I must never cease to learn in order to teach my students in the best possible way.


2 thoughts on “My Education Technology Philosophy

  1. Congratulations on the successful completion of your podcast! You really seem to highlight the importance of understanding teacher beliefs as a means to integrating technology in the classroom. Well done.


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