Multimedia Madness

With the advancement of technology in the last twenty years there are limitless opportunities for teachers that are hip to these new ways. Two such examples of this are podcasting and video creation. These new technologies can serve great purposes in this new age of teaching with technology.

The first technology of podcasting is one that I am relatively new to. After having created my own podcast through pod bean I can say its pretty simple and easy to adopt. This can be used in the science classroom to re teach previous lessons. Students who feel they need a refresher on a certain part of a lesson can simply listen to the podcast and listen to what they don’t understand. It can also be used for students who are sick so that they can still hear the lesson. Also if a teacher is sick they can send a sub in who will play the podcast of a recorded lecture.This is just a few ways that i might incorporate podcasting into my classroom.

Multimedia videos could also fill a major role in my future classroom. In the science classroom equations can make up a major part of a lecture even at the college level. Like many of my peers I find myself lost. Well in my future classroom if i simply video the process of using the equation students who don’t understand or weren’t in class can view it multiple times in order to better understand. I could also video in class demos and experiments for students who miss them in class.

New technology will allow me as a teacher to better teach my students and give them better opportunity to succeed. This will in turn increase the my students scores on tests. All in all these new ideas are worth a shot.


2 thoughts on “Multimedia Madness

  1. I like your idea that students could view a video of how to do an equation multiple times, I cannot even express how helpful that would’ve been in my high school chemistry class. It was a lot of boring one time lectures with text heavy power points and a teacher who wasn’t willing to go over a formula ten times with a student. So maybe in that class a video on how to work the equation could’ve really helped both the teacher and many students.


  2. It’s always great to see you bring these postings about technology to a ground level where we shouldn’t necessarily disregard the basics of non-technology education. However, you also have great ideas on technology and I like how you express how these technologies will overall help you to benefit your students and help them grow. I think these technologies will be great in a science classroom. Great thoughts!


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