Lesson Planning: The Experience Thus Far

So far I have found lesson planing to be a bit more of a struggle than I thought it would be. First finding the science/english standards┬áthat I need to incorporate was a bit of a shock. my original thoughts were that science standards would be separate from the other standards. However, it is just a sub branch of the english standards which reinforces what Professor Wenzel said which is “we are all english teachers” a fact which I now embrace. Then finding ISTE standards to include with the lesson is also tricky considering that I have spent most of my time learning without gadgets.

Also looking at the different parts of a lesson plan was a new concept for me. I knew there would be a goal at the end but the other steps were unfamiliar to me. As far as assessing my students I will more than likely give them a test with three definitive parts. Part one will be multiple choice. Part two a fill in the blank. Part three will be a problem solving and math oriented section.

Overall I think this practice run has been helpful for me. It has brought to light some of the difficulties that come from lesson planning. For myself I found the most difficult part to be incorporation of technology. When I learned much of this material it was through text rather than by digital access. This makes it a little difficult for me to pioneer new ways to teach the material. No doubt I will be faced with this challenge a lot in years to come. It is what it is. I will adapt and find what works best for my students.